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EME Professional Corp team of law professionals can assist you with all of your legal needs. We offer creative solutions that get the results you want at reasonable rates.

  1. Immigration Law: EME's practices in many different areas Including but not limited to Refugee applications, RPD hearings, RAD Appeals, Federal Court Appeals, Spousal Sponsorships, Work permits, Study Permits, Visitor's visa Permits, Permanent Residency Applications, etc.
  2. Criminal Law: EME Practices in wide ranges of charges and deals with the steps required Including but not limited Preliminary proceedings, Trials, Judicial Pre-trials, Bail hearings, Provincial offences infractions, etc.
  3. Civil Litigation: EME Practices in different ranges of Civil Law including but not limited to Civil Litigations, Mediations and Settlement procedures, Commercial disputes, etc.
  4. Family Law: EME covers all aspects of the Family Law Spectrum including but not limited to Separation Agreements, Litigation, Prenuptial agreements, Mediations/Settlement Conference, Case Conferences, Simple Divorce Applications, Child Protection Disputes, Custody and access issues, and Equalization disputes
  5. Construction Law: EME practices in areas including but not limited to construction lien disputes, registrations and construction contracts.

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